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Classic Drop Sugar Cookies

I define the perfect sugar cookie as crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. That’s what I achieved when I came up with this recipe. There is a certain ingredient that some may find odd, but it gives this cookie the perfect texture. What is this ingredient you might ask? Sour cream. I know it sounds a bit off but it’s only a small amount and you won’t taste a bit of sour cream! I rolled these cookies in large sugar crystals for aesthetics but normal granulated sugar will work just fine.  Equipment:  Stand mixer or hand mixer  Cookie sheet  Cookie scoop Silicone Mat (optional)  Tips: To achieve the perfect shaped cookie, use a circle cutter or...

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Cinnamon Pecan Babka

View this post on Instagram A post shared by TMB. (@_christianpaul) I will admit this was my first time making babka and I was stunned at how easy it was to make! Babka is a traditional Jewish bread originating from Poland & Ukraine. I’m from New York so anything Jewish I love and adore (especially challah & bagels!!). This recipe is straightforward, but there is some time you’ll need to let the dough rest & rise. It will be all worth it though! This babka is so soft and delicious! The best way to serve it is warm, so make sure you cut a slice and put it in the toaster!  Equipment: Stand mixer or hand mixer Loaf Pans Rolling...

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S'mores Cookies

At first I was testing out a chocolate chip cookie recipe for you guys but it wasn't living up to my standards. Stuffed Puffs so happen to send me some new marshmallows called Big Bites and I figured why not make a s'mores cookie? So I laid down half of a graham cracker on my silicone mat lined baking sheet then topped it with a frozen chocolate chip cookie dough ball, I threw it in the oven and when it was almost finished I took them out and added the marshmallows! Thankfully they sent me three of their flavors Graham Cracker, Oreo and Birthday Cake. I topped the cookies with these flavors and threw them back in the oven for a...

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Decorated Sugar Cookies

Don't get too intimidated! I'll break it down for you. Decorated sugar cookies can be scary especially the decorating process. I still have some trouble from time to time but I'm here to go over the basics. Luckily, I have a very talented cookier friend, some of you may know him (Malek Binns), he has helped me numerous times when I've needed help with decorated cookies. This recipe is a no-spread, no stick sugar cookie recipe. I'll be going over the entire process from start to finish in detail First let's start with the baking. Baking Outlining \ Flooding Detailed Outlining Equipment: Tipless Piping Bag Cookie Scribe Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer Cookie Sheet Rolling Pin (Use CP15 for 15% off) Silicone...

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Golden Oreo Cakesters

When I first made these cookies, I so happen to over-bake my sugar cookie recipe and when that happened, they puffed up beautifully. The edges were a nice golden brown and when cooled they retained a very soft and crumbly texture almost cake-like. The cookies are perfect as is but then I decided to fill them with a vanilla marshmallow type of buttercream, and it was the perfect combination. I only wish that I had made a chocolate cookie instead of a plain sugar cookie so I can experience what an actual Oreo cakester tastes like. one can only dream.... Nonetheless I hope you make this cookie and enjoy it with you, your friends, or your family. Equipment: Stand mixer or...

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